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Welcome to A Killer Podcast, a true crime podcast created and hosted by lifelong, best friends Amy Woodcock and Freya Millard.

The duo have many things in common including their birthday, shoe size and a borderline unhealthy obsession with true crime.

Amy has a background in forensics and Freya in social science so together they hope they can paint a relatively thorough picture of the intriguing murder cases they’ll be tackling.

On each new season, they will explore a different theme and to kick it all off in season one the pair investigated murder cases with a supernatural twist.

Coming soon for season two is cases of murder for money, but before that the team will be bringing you a two-part Halloween special!

So get listening below or via your preferred podcast platform, and feel free to get in touch with Amy and Freya to discuss all things true crime on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or via email.

Have a killer week!

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