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What in the World is a home for creativity! We believe that art and expression in its many forms should have a place to thrive and be celebrated and so, this little space on the internet is designed for doing just that. Our philosophy is that you don’t have to be an expert to be creative, simply give it a go because you enjoy it!

So if you’re a creative looking for a judgement-free, platform to express yourself then get in touch with us at and who knows, this might just become your new home too.

Across the website, you will find an array of different projects, from photography to crafting, to food recipes and even podcasts!

No one knows what in the world we’ll be talking about today, so just dive right in and find out for yourself…


Lani Millard

Lani Millard

Co-founder of witworld

Content producer, graphic designer and human slave to a high-maintenance canine.

Freya Millard

Freya Millard

Co-founder of witworld

Content producer, illustrator, writer and all round non-stop chatterbox.

Amy Woodcock

Amy Woodcock

Content Writer/Podcast Host

Avid reader and napper with a particular fondness for candles, horror films and Japanese snacks

Taleb Said

Taleb Said

Content Writer/Food Editor

Culinary hobbyist and proud owner of Wesley Slice the knife. The lovable cynic, partial to pondering the pointless questions in life.



Don’t blame the weather, blame the man 

In this personal essay, Freya shares her lived experience and how everyday incidents of harassment and assault can leave scars.


Murder for Money

A Killer Podcast: The Family Annihilator Chris Foster S2 EP10 

To end the Murder for Money season, the host’s tackle a case from their home county. Back in 2008 millionaire Christopher Foster fell down a path of no redemption and those closest to him paid the price.

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