A new day, a new interior trend is on the horizon and this one is perhaps one of the few places where preferences from very two different generations still mix well together.

That’s right, one of the most popular trends at the moment is the grandmillennial look, otherwise known as ‘granny chic.’ But what do you actually need to achieve this vintage/modern combo look? Well here’s our guide…

Wallpaper and lots of it!

It wouldn’t be reminiscent of a grand home without some signature wallpaper that offers an eye-catching pattern. Think about your grandparent’s homes and the textured floral or abstract patterned wallpaper they have in every room – that’s the type of bold choice you should be making when picking your own style. To add that millennial touch to the look, you should play with retro patterns or even go for a truly classical style like the look below. It’s all about respecting the style of the past and paying homage to the eras gone by.

Add a touch of glitz

Wherever possible you should add some elements of glamour to the decor. For example, when choosing trinkets and accessories for a room, look for items that feel antique and timeless, but also incorporate modern elements through rich colours like gold and materials like velvet. When compiled together these small little touches will have a big impact on your space and help bring the millennial aspect of this trend to life.

Signature focal points

To complete any look you need to choose strong signature pieces, but you have to choose them wisely. In a living room, your most eye-catching piece is usually the sofa or chairs, and so to instantly embody the granny-chic style, perhaps opt for something like this 60’s-style, shell sofa below with a glamourous gold finish. In the bedroom, you can easily add that vintage touch with an upholstered bed frame and some ruffled bedding. Then in the kitchen, it’s all about adding clutter, but in the best way! Displaying jars filled with dry goods, picking a stovetop style kettle, vintage mugs, scenic artwork and of course, flowers, herbs and plants wherever you have space!

The best thing about a grandmillenial design is that no one else’s home will look exactly like yours. Unlike other popular trends where there are some clear cut rules about what patterns, colours and style choices you can make to stay within the lines, grandmillenial is the opposite and in fact, it is even encourage to get as creative as you want with various contrasting styles. So go ahead and let your imagination run wild as you create a harmony of two opposite styles in one space.

Love the grandmillenial style? Well you can start shopping for the look with our top five suggested buys below: