Time sure does fly when you are talking about crime and sadly it is time to announce the finale episode of the supernatural crime season. To close this chapter host’s Amy and Freya have decided to wander even further down the path of unexplained mysteries to discuss the possible existence of extraterrestrial life. Today’s case dives into the bizarre death of Zigmund Adamski in 1980 and whether or not any supernatural forces played a part in his untimely demise. 

Listen to “S1 EP10 The Abduction of Zigmund Adamski” on Spreaker.

We hope you enjoyed season one’s finale episode on the topic of supernatural crimes. If you need more of a true-crime fix or just want to discuss the cases then feel free to get in touch with the host’s directly on twitter here!

Until then, stay tuned as we work to bring you another season of A Killer Podcast!