Every time there is a new baby in my family I like to paint them their own canvas for their nursery. Of course, as more and more babies keep joining the family it means I have to get more and more creative for what to do to make each one unique. In my latest nursery canvas, I decided to tackle the wild jungle!

Step 1) Decide on your background. I wanted the canvas to feel very bright and abstract so I chose two complimentary colours to create this vertical pattern. Use a ruler to measure the canvas and to make sure each strip is equal in size before painting a few layers to ensure the canvas is fully covered.

Step 2) Trace your animals and decide what size and style you want your animals to be. During this stage, I tend to just google images of animals and find elements that I like and improvise with my own style of drawing.
Once you’ve traced the outline of your animals and the jungle scene in pencil you can then start adding paint. Be careful when painting to not smudge the paint across your nicely painted canvas and make sure each colour has dried before you paint another colour next to it.

Step 3) Once you’ve finished your first animal you start to get an idea of what proportions everything else needs to be to fit into this scale. I found taking it animal by animal easier but equally, you could just trace the entire outline at once and paint it all together afterward.

Step 4) Once you’re content with the layout of the canvas then here is your chance to do any last minute touches. It’s at this point that you can add extra paint layers to enhance the lighter colours and make sure everything looks vibrant and bright.

Step 5) This is a bit of an additional step if you fancy it, but I really like making my canvases a little 3D by adding some texture. As you can see I’ve added buttons to the penguin and some beads to the leaves and the snake.

Additionally, I like to add an uplifting message for a nursery canvas to inspire your little ones. Which is why I left the space at the bottom open for the message ‘Dreamers can never be tamed.‘ These finishing touches are where you can make the canvas truly personal so really go all out and make it special!