I am a game enthusiast, both board and console. I won’t pretend to be an expert, I don’t have time to play every new game that has been announced but I do try to pick up ones for certain occasions.

Recently we had a friend stay over and wanted to find some couch co-ops for more than two people, so ventured into the Xbox store (sorry PlayStation, you were my childhood – especially Kingdom Hearts). There is obviously the classics, Super Mario, Super Smash Bros, Borderlands, etc but we didn’t want to spend a fortune on one game or have an epic story we couldn’t complete as he was going home the next day, so we settled on trying out some cheaper titles:


Think Super Smash Brothers but free (on games pass). You select from an impressive list of game modes – classic, 2v2, verses, ranked, custom etc, then pick a character from a wide selection of heroes and, finally, button bash until your little heart is content! We actually found this game more entertaining the more times we played and, by the time we worked out you could ‘throw’ your weapon at someone, we were pretty much sold.

Brawlhalla is definitely an easy ‘pick up and play’ game. If you have a few people to entertain and enough controllers, this one could be a good option.

Nine Parchments

We got this game on a complete whim and it ended up providing hours of laughter! The concept is fairly bog standard, you are sent on a quest to recover something blah blah blah. However, this game has some nice added touches like displaying rankings at the end of each level, informing us who was the most helpful, who was not, and how we worked as a team overall (we often ranked ‘civil war’ as you are capable of team damage and healing the enemies).

If you like a game full of chaos and no guarantee of even getting passed level one, this might be right up your street!

Human Fall Flat

Human Fall FlatI haven’t seen another game that can compare to Human Fall Flat and do it justice; it’s an ingenious physics-based puzzle game with an added emphasis on teamwork (or sabotage, depending on how you play). The physical mechanics of the game gives it a unique twist that can significantly impact your mobility.

With limited levels but multiple playthroughs, this is a great option for anyone who wants to engage their brains along with their thumbs.

This is by no means an extensive list – there are plenty of other lesser-known titles that could have been added – I’m always on the lookout for new ones to try so let me know if there is any you would recommend!