One of my many ‘goals’ I have made myself time and time again has been to start a more active hobby… and it is fair to say this goal has not been achieved for a good few years.

I have attempted going to the gym routinely, but I found I never really knew what to do and didn’t have any structure. I tried going to fitness classes such as Aqua Zumba, which I really enjoyed, but found I would give up after a few weeks. Then, just before Christmas, I got some great inspiration from a friend of mine who posted a picture of her starting pole fitness classes.

Pole dancing is something I never thought I would be able to do, but after looking into it a bit more I decided, why not! So, I booked myself in for an 8-week course that just began…

After completing my first ever session, I have to say it was truly so much fun and really got me moving and working my muscles. Each session is an hour long, beginning with a warm-up where we stretch, then we move onto a circuit type work out with 20 seconds of movement such as sit-ups, squats, crunches followed by a 10-second rest. During all this, we use the pole to aid us.

After warm-up, we already spend most of the lesson on the pole even on day one. Since this was my first lesson I just learnt the basics such as walking around the pole, a simple leg lift and body rolls, all of which I learnt aided 1:1 with the instructor. In pole, they have you do all moves on both your left and right side so that you increase the strength of both sides to avoid having one strong and one weak side, this I thought was great and it’s fair to say my left side certainly ached more than my right!

As the hour closes we move onto a cool down, stretching our muscles out again to reduce aches and pains, although I’m not sure how much that helped. But hopefully, as I continue to do this the aches will become more tolerable as my body gets stronger.

I have only done one session, but I already feel like this is one of the best decisions I have ever made, it was full of movement and laughter as everyone cheers each other on to learn a new move. Plus seeing people do all these amazing lifts with their bodies inspired me so much to want to work towards that level. You do work a lot of your body so be prepared for aches and pains the following days, I’m currently writing this two days after my lesson and my thighs are still burning! I feel great knowing that I’m strengthening myself and I think having a hobby that gets you out of the house and meeting new people is always good and helpful for your physical and mental health.

I have already learned so much just from one lesson, such as less clothing is better! Trying to grip the pole with your leg when it’s covered in gym legging material is so much harder than skin to pole contact, so the first thing I’m doing this week is buying some gym shorts. People have this misconception of what pole fitness is, but it really is just another form of exercise, and it’s for everyone to do no matter of shape, size, gender, and age.

I truly feel like I have found a great community and I can’t wait to go back again! I will be writing up an update at the end of my 8 weeks to let you guys know how I feel about the sessions and what they have done for my fitness… so stay tuned and I’ll catch up with you guys soon!