Love it or hate it, episode three was an outstanding piece of cinematographic artwork. The battle was chaotic, the characters were fierce and the plot was …underwhelming.

Okay, before I get lynched for the last comment, hear me out.

We have been teased about white walkers since episode one and now the battle has finally arrived, the build-up has been phenomenal: Seasons and seasons of snippets, curious markings, cave paintings, cadaver symbolism, and baby boy offerings led us to an episode where the Night King doesn’t even kill a single person, let alone main character – Walder Frey must be laughing in his grave knowing he did more damage to beloved characters at the red wedding, with a handful of people, than the Night King did with an army of undead.

So now that I’ve somewhat ranted, I’ll get onto the other elements.

If you were one of the lucky ones who could see it, that opening sequence of absolute silence really enchanted and made you feel the tension – I’ll be the first to admit that we checked to see if our TV brightness had been tampered with though.

The red woman came back for her demise this episode. After enchanting the Dothraki blades with fire, Melisandre marched into a building where Sir Davos and Arya stared her down.

Speaking of Dothraki fire blades, did anyone else feel an urge to join in with the fire-starting Mexican wave or just me? Yes, it was a beautiful shot and I did enjoy it, but then they sent their best ground units (remember Robert Baratheon saying only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field?) ahead to face an army they already knew outnumbered them considerably, just so the rest could hang back and watch them all die (except Jorah Mormont because he’s a main character and, if he died, they’d of had to make it more obvious and shown something which would have spoilt the suspense).

I wasn’t lying when I said I thought this episode was incredibly cinematic. I genuinely enjoyed the action sequences, shots and quick edits. The moment when the white walkers finally came into view and swarmed the living was perfect and I don’t think they could have done that any better as it really captured just how endless the dead were, and the despair of the commencing fight.

Moving on and on a quick note – how on earth did Samwell Tarly survive until the end? Even Jon left him in favour of trying to get to Bran, kill the Night King and put an end to all the chaos. I admit Sam was the humanist person on the field and stayed very true to his character in that respect, but surely that doesn’t mean he had it in him to survive a whole battle against the undead when he barely could swing a sword?

It was good to see Sansa staying true to form and getting petty in the crypt while everyone is fighting above to keep them alive; Missandei biting back was nice, I would have liked for her to of had more screen time when the undead rose from the crypts (be honest, we all saw that one coming when they first shared their battle plans).

The Hound backing off because of the fire wasn’t a surprise (and I mean that in a good way). He has never played the hero but has always had a soft spot for Arya; so when she appears in view, and he is called upon to help, it was good to see him push forward against his better judgement.

So Beric Dondarrion was continuously brought back to life by the Lord of Light to be a voodoo doll, in order to help a fleeing Arya escape and reach the red woman so she could repeat what eye colours Arya is prophesied to shut and whisper ‘What do we say to the God of death?’ – yeah….okay, why couldn’t the hound of been the stab-stab person here?

Theon was cute, wasn’t he? I mean he volunteered to guard Bran (who went to his happy place or something for the whole episode), ran out of arrows, got pepped talked and then fruitlessly hurled himself at the Night King in a moment of complete redemption.

Kudos to the dragon fight – that was quite cool. However Dany (after trying and failing to burn the Night King), rescues Jon and then just –I don’t know- sits there, in awe, as her poor dragon gets infested with the dead like a dog with fleas. So much for the heroine character – poor Jorah has to rescue the damsel and dies knowing he was never going to get the girl!

And finally there’s Arya who began and ended as a badass: Personally, I love the fact Arya killed the Night King. What I dislike, is how easy it all was.

I think the episode was hyped up too much and I didn’t care for the characters who died. I loved the episode from a stand-alone perspective, but for Game of Thrones, a show that warns you not to get attached to characters, it felt weak.

Feel free to disagree! The writers were never going to please everyone and I know lots of people loved it. What are your theories on what’ll happen next and who do you want to see on the iron throne?

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