Everyone knows that packaged pasta really doesn’t compare once you’ve tried fresh. This homemade Papperdelle Pasta recipe accompanies a hearty dish I made of Oxtail Ragu, which you can check out here. For a truly divine dinner, I really recommend trying the full recipe of Oxtail Ragu with Papperdelle Pasta.

The Ragu with it’s meaty, rich flavours from the oxtail combined with the deep Italian flavours from the vegetables and red mine makes the most beautiful Ragu sauce, which when picked up by the thick, fresh homemade Pappardelle pasta creates a mesmerising treat for your taste buds.

List of Ingredients

For the Papperdelle pasta:

  • 400g of Semolina (or ’00’) flour
  • 4 large eggs
  • Sea salt
  • Elbow grease (must have)

Step by Step Guide

Step 1) Get your 400g of flour in a bowl, make a well in the middle, put your 4 eggs into the well, and use your hands to slowly pull a bit of the flour into the eggs in a circular motion, a bit more flour at a time, until it’s all pulled together into a dough.

Or, you can cheat like me and use a food processor to make the dough (shhh)

Step 2) Now get your elbow grease out and knead the dough for a good ten minutes until its stretchy and smooth.

Step 3) Then cut into quarters, and either put through a pasta roller or get your rolling pin out. I don’t have a pasta roller, so I got some more elbow grease out.

The result needs to be thinner than a 2 pence coin, so as Ice Cube would say… put your back in to. He was talking about rolling pasta, right?

Step 4) Now flour it nicely, use a lot of flour throughout to stop anything sticking. Roll up the pasta like below and then cut it into 1.5/2inch pieces and then unroll.

There we have it, simple yet delicious!

If you need something to accompany your Papperdelle Pasta then check out the full Oxtail Ragu recipe here.