My fitness journey began this year with Pole Fitness, in January I began an 8-week course of pole fitness classes, and I decided to bring you all on this adventure with me (if you haven’t read my initial review of my first class go check it out here!), so now those 8 weeks are over I will be sharing with you my experience.

My previous review raved about Pole Fitness after an incredible first class, from this each week I continued to build up skills on the pole starting off with just simply walking around the pole, leading onto spinning on the pole and physically holding myself up (sitting) on the pole. The plan of the course is to learn a routine that you can then perform at the end to show the skills you have gained, and then if you can do the routine you can move onto the next level of classes to work on the even harder stuff.

Initially, I really enjoyed training my body to be able to do these things, especially sitting on the pole (which heads up, burns your thighs like crazy!), but as each week went on I felt myself getting less excited about going. This led to the point of not wanting to go at all, I’d lost my love for it and now just felt like it was a chore rather than a fun activity, especially as being the least skilled person in the class. When I sat and thought about why I was no longer enjoying it, I realised that it was just not the fitness activity for me!

Although it could be fun and the more I do it the better I would get and no longer be the ‘beginner’, I did not feel in myself that it was what I wanted to do. This became a lesson for me, that not everything will work for you, and everyone is different. Although now I still see posts of pole fitness and think how amazing it looks, the truth is that it will not be everyone’s cup of tea, and I learned quickly that I was one of those people.

Even though my experience ended up not being great, and I decided to stop going, the actual class itself and the people there were amazing, and it really is such a lovely community to have been a part of, even if only for a short while, and I do not regret trying it out.

But, I would recommend (and I will now be taking my own advice) trying out taster classes, or just paying for one or two classes before committing to a longer course! This became stressful for me as I knew after week 4 that I wasn’t enjoying it, but I had already paid out for the full 8 weeks.

I will be honest, I did not end up going to the final class and instead went and spent the weekend recording for A Killer Podcast! A project I’m super excited about and will be available here on witworld very soon. Change of topic but it’s all about true crime, which I know so many of you out there will enjoy so keep your eyes peeled for that!

But anyway to wrap up my review: I tried, I enjoyed, I stopped enjoying, I stopped. Now onto the next fitness venture… I’ll let you know what I discover!