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March’s Book Review: The Great Gatsby

Well, this month certainly seemed to go fast! At the start of this month, I told myself ‘Oh I have plenty of time it’s only a short book…’ I then found myself binge listening to the final 3 hours the day before I needed to write this review! But, luckily, I found myself to enjoy The Great Gatsby so listening to it in only 2 sittings worked well for me, but less about me and let’s get on to the review.

Brief Plot Summary

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is told through the narration of Nick Carraway, who moves out to the fictional village of West Egg on Long Island. Nick tells the story of his time here and the meeting of his neighbour Jay Gatsby, who holds extravagant parties in his rather fancy mansion, and whom many rumours of how he gained his wealth circulate. We go on a journey with Nick as he discovers more about the people around him, such as Nicks second cousin Daisy Buchanan and her husband Tom and Jordan Baker, one of Daisy’s long-time friends and follow them through the 1920s as wealthy New Yorkers.

Again, this is just a brief summary of the book as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t got around to reading it!

My Review

I went into this book with no knowledge of what it was about, I have never seen the film or read any summary, so I went in with no expectations. Personally, I think this is the best way to experience this book as I found myself flowing through the complexity of each character not knowing what I may find out next, with this it kept the excitement of the story.

Gatsby’s character is very mysterious, and I found through the first half of the book I had no idea of who he really was, and so I felt as if I was myself apart of the story in discovering who was this Great Gatsby? I did not expect what happened to happen, which I particularly love in books as it feels much more intriguing when you can’t guess what happens next, and I found the whole ending to the book very well done.

Although I did enjoy The Great Gatsby, and I would recommend it as a quick read (or listen) I will be honest and say I did find some sections not particularly interesting, and I felt some characters we met who I expected to play a greater part later on led to nothing, making me question what was the point in the creation of them? I felt that more could have been divulged into these characters as they seemed to come from an interesting backstory that we will never know. But, maybe that is the point, this book is all about the mystery!

Personally, I think I would not have enjoyed this book as much in physical form as some of the writing felt quite complex in the description, that it was easier to listen to, but as it is a short book I still think it’s worth a read!

Overall, this is an enjoyable book, and if you love a classic I definitely think it’s worth your time, or even if you are trying to get into the classics this would be a good start!

My Rating: 3/5

April’s Book Release: The Graveyard Book

This month we will be delving into the world of children’s fiction (which personally, I think is for everyone), and for this, I decided to pick a book by one of my most favourite authors Neil Gaiman.

I was first introduced to Neil Gaiman when I watch Coraline, I became obsessed, from this I had to read the book… this then led to me needing to read all of Neil Gaiman’s work! So far I have read Neverwhere and American Gods (and Coraline) and am excited to add another to the list.

So get your books at the ready and I will see you at the end of April!