Pinterest is the safe haven for all crafting fanatics, what would we do without it? Whenever you’re in need of a little inspiration and motivation, Pinterest and all its lovely users have your back with tonnes of ideas!

Here are a few of our favourite picks for the perfect little crafts to keep your hands busy with during spring. Who knows maybe you’ll have a new project on the horizon by the end of this article?

DIY Bird Feeder

Keep your friendly Spring birds chirping with this simple but adorable little bird feeder.

Funky Plant Pots

Now you can get super creative with these plant pots, the sky really is the limit! The pastel and bright spring colours are so warming and beautiful. Add a few of these to your garden or even your kitchen window, for that pop of colour!

Eggcellent Herb Holders

This is such a creative and eco-friendly idea! I feel like this would make for an awesome crafting session with younger kids and you can even teach them a trick or two about gardening and growing their own herbs – it’s a win, win!