Recently my partner and I found the classic ‘Where’s Wally’ collection going for £2 in our local store. For nostalgia’s sake it was worth the purchase, but little did we expect that we would repeatedly unwind after a long day by flipping through the pages trying to locate Wally and his gang, plus the familiar set of items relating to them.

Normally we would throw on an episode of something and zone out in the evening (which is easy to do!) but as I look at screens all day, it was a welcomed change and the idea of using the books as a little digital respite was appealing.

It didn’t stop there though, as we were making our way through the Where’s Wally set together, I found myself wanting to spend more time away from electronic devices, which lead me to dig out old Sudoku puzzle books that I purchased many years ago (I go through phases) and making my way through them some evenings.

I quickly noticed how much easier it was to switch off when I finally put my head down to sleep. Normally I can’t unwind or get comfy and often end up putting something on my phone to dose off watching. Whereas, when I spent the evening doing puzzles, I felt like it did make me feel more at ease when I finally decided to go to bed.

I didn’t expect to be adding puzzle books to my daily routine and I suspect, once we’ve found them all or the novelty has worn off, we will slip back into the same routine as before. The sudoku books will probably make their way into work with me for the days where I can’t go for a walk due to weather-restraints – I can already picture the looks of disproval from colleagues if I rocked back up to the office with muddy shoes and looking like a drowned rat.

If puzzles aren’t your thing, that’s cool – I’ve personally always enjoyed them. You could always try numbered colouring, short stories or even doodling!

Do you have a trick to relax in the evening that doesn’t involve an electronic screen? We would love to hear about it!

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