As life gets increasingly busy with work and responsibilities, we can all fall into that stale routine of wake up, work, dinner, sleep, repeat. It’s easily done and it makes us forget that we’re not just working machines, but actually, we’re here on this planet to enjoy and appreciate the life we have by making quality memories that are important.

That is why we are introducing a break up the routine series here at What in the World as a reminder to us all that we need to challenge those mundane patterns that take over our existence and instead put more time and effort into introducing positive changes into our day to day lives. It’s all about promoting health, wellbeing and just general wholesome living that makes you happy!

Over the last few weeks, I wanted to break up my daily routine by changing the way I end the night. Instead of watching TV for hours on end, my partner and I decided that we would do things a little differently and instead read a book together.

Our thinking behind this came from both of us wanting to read more of the classics but finding it hard to motivate ourselves individually at the end of a long working day. Plus we had definitely fallen into the habit of taking the easy ‘zoning-out’ in front of the TV option most nights and that just didn’t feel like a very memorable or interesting way to spend our evenings together.

The benefits I found from this change were:

  • -We opted to read my favourite book Nineteen Eight-Four for this month because my partner had never read it before and I felt that was a travesty. I loved sharing my favourite book with him, it felt like I got to share something new with him and after three years of dating that is quite rare!
  • It was genuinely really fun and enjoyable. Listening to my partner read out loud with different voices and hearing his reaction to the story was brilliant. It also meant that I had got to find out what he sounds like when reading to his class of 5-year-olds and that made me admire him even more as a teacher because in fairness, he does put on a good show.
  • It was far more interactive than the TV, it required us talking to each other and putting in real effort to tell the story and that kind of effort is really appreciated. It showed us both that the other person equally wanted to make time in their busy day to connect which is really nice.
  • Reading is really relaxing! I felt like it made me unwind a lot better than anything else and it was a great way to forget about the stresses of that day and prepare us for a good night sleep ready to tackle what’s to come.

Final Thoughts

From my experience I would definitely recommend reading to your partner as a way to break up the routine. But of course you don’t have to read to your partner, I have no doubt that you can read to anyone to have the same positive impact – your Mum, Dad, brother, sister, friend, dog, cat, fish or even just put on a show for yourself! As long as you enjoy it that’s all that counts.

As rewarding as the experience was, we still fall back into our routine sometimes and watch TV to end the day (granted, Game of Thrones is returning and we have to re-watch all 7 seasons before that so can you blame us?!) but regardless, I think the important thing about making any change to break up your routine is to not to beat yourself up if you don’t keep up with it. It’s not about proving anything to anyone or doing something because you think you ought to, it’s about doing what you enjoy to make you feel good and you know what… I also really enjoy watching TV too and that’s okay!