I honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to do this one – I went shopping last weekend for craft items and found very little so had to order online and the delivery didn’t arrive until last night.

I grew up in Wales and still have family there so wanted to create a set to celebrate their patron saint, Saint David (or Dewi Sant if I have remembered my welsh correctly!).

Mika was a star; she cuddled me all evening as I crafted the bunting, daffodils, and hat. I had a lot more planned for this set as I wanted to recreated an image I drew years ago in a Welsh lesson – they asked us to create a picture that represents Wales – I drew a sheep on a hill, with lots of rain pouring down and a dragon somewhere (so many stories involved dragons!).

Below is a few photos we took (at 2am this morning) to celebrate.

P.S. Mika was not a fan of the hat!