Traveling and expense are two things that coincide as frequently as fish and chips. It’s outrageously pricey, this is undeniable. Ultimately it is the money factor which puts most people off from traveling and quite understandably so, we’re not all blessed to be born into great financial certainty.

I’m a traveller who like many has to work as much as possible, save like crazy, make huge sacrifices and reduce any social life to fund my adventures. I’m not complaining, this is my choice, a choice I very happily make again and again because to me personally, there is nothing more worthy than traveling to spend my money on. I want life experience, I want to have great adventures and I want to be that person who has endless stories and a blog worth reading. But regardless of whether it’s worth, the cost still hurts and the hidden costs hurt so much more. So here is my heads up on what you should factor into your savings so it doesn’t shock you like it did me.


Bloody hell, these hurt…my bank, £440! I was heading to a rural part of Cambodia a few summers ago and I have never had any jabs for going abroad before so I had to have everything done: MMR, Typhoid, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies, the works! So it was a lot, but some of these were £85 a jab and I had to have a course of three. I was sat there in the travel clinic debating whether my life was truly worth that much – maybe I could risk it. In my defence, I was a poor student at the time and a chunk like that leaving my bank is very much a large dent. But anyhow I did the responsible thing and got the jabs, which I obviously recommend you all do but this is just a pure heads up on just how costly it can be. Oh and don’t forget malaria tablets can be up to £80 easily. *Cries internally*


Yeah, I’m talking to you America. Damn, they are strict and serious about not letting people into America nowadays, wall or no wall, America has some strenuous visa laws. I had to begin the process for my work visa as a camp councillor 6 months before leaving. I had to go to London to be interviewed, sign lots of legal stuff and have my fingerprint scanned – I was surprised a DNA swab wasn’t required. They were thorough, to say the least, and let’s not even go into the process of getting through airport security once you’re there. I don’t remember the exact cost of a work visa but I know that for the two months I was there it was well over £100. So remember to factor in and research into visas before leaving for your adventure.


Flights can be insanely pricey which is the exact reason I can’t even dream of affording to make it to Australia at the moment. But whilst planning my travels around Asia I started booking internal flights at relatively great prices, ranging from £40-£80. All in all the extra 5 flights added up to £230 and that took me around 5 countries, so I was pretty happy. Yes, flights add up quickly, even internal ones, but it did cover all our traveling whilst we were away which is an overall very good value for money.

The real hidden cost comes along when trying to finish up booking your flights. They add every possible extra cost they can and just automatically tick the boxes so it’s on there already. Insurance, in-flight meal and everything else under the sun. So basically just watch out when checking out that you aren’t paying for things you don’t want. Most annoyingly though is the hidden cost that comes from the need for extra luggage space since some flights will drop from the average 20kg free hand luggage space to just 10kg! This turns out to be an extra £10-£30 to accommodate depending on how much space is needed, turning that cheap £40 flight into £70+

Keep your eyes peeled, and let me know what deals you find…

Happy Travelling!