What can I say, we love us some scrabble art here at What in the World! There’s just something so charming with saying lovely things in wooden letters.

I gifted my step-mum these scrabble coasters because she asked for meaningful presents and I thought of all the fond memories we share of her teaching me how to play Scrabble and Boggle as a kid. Although the coasters are very simple to craft, it doesn’t mean this gift lacks in effort. Trust me, arranging all the words is a real brain teaser and that takes time!

List of Materials

  • Scrabble tiles (easy to find huge packs on amazon/ebay)
  • Self-adhesive cork sheet (Again easy to find online, I got mine on Amazon)
  • PVA Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


Step 1) Before you can start doing any sort of crafting you have to plan out what words are going to be included in your coasters. I think a set of four coasters is about right but of course, there is no limit and you can make as many you want or even just one!

Set aside some time, get paper and pencil and think about what the words mean to you or the person you are gifting the coasters too.

I arranged mine so that there is one word going horizontally on the left-hand side and then all four rows spell out other words. Anything else that spells out a word after that was purely just a happy accident! I decided the horizontal word for each coaster first and then filled in each of the rows but you can just do it however you feel works best.

As you can see, I did four by four which fits a normal sized mug and worked well because I wanted to spell out my Step-Mum’s name. However, mug sizes keep getting increasingly bigger and I would recommend trying five by five to guarantee it fits all cups and mugs.

Image credit: Amazon

Step 2) Once you have your words you need to get a ruler and measure out the size of the coaster as a whole on the self-adhesive cork sheet. Carefully stick each letter on and if there is an additional cork sheet showing afterward just run some scissors down the side to trim it off. I recommend cutting two strips of the cork sheet so that the coaster is double in thickness and will not bend.

Step 3) For additional strength I painted PVA glue between the cracks in each individual scrabble tiles and pressed them together to ensure they were stuck together fully. I chose PVA glue because it dries clear but it is still important to wipe away any excess glue so it does not create an uneven surface afterward.

That’s it, simple to craft but full of a lot of thought!