Welcome to Amy’s Book Club

Where I will be choosing a book each month that we can all read together, and then at the end of the month I will post my review on the book and you can get involved by letting me know what your thoughts are via the comment section or messenger or twitter or hey even owl-post if you can do that!

I will be covering a variety of book genres so there will be a little something for everyone and even if the books we read aren’t your favourite, I’m always open for a good discussion about why you love or hate it.

I will be releasing the title of next month’s book on the last Tuesday of the previous month – So, with today being the last Tuesday of February I will now release March’s read(or listen)-along…

Amy’s Book For March = The Great Gatsby

So, to start off this book club nice and easy I have picked this classic novel, which I feel everyone should probably read at some point (and the fact it is short also helps). I will be listening to this on audiobook which may have been decided by the fact it is narrated by Jake Gyllenhaal…

So get your books at the ready and I will see you guys on the 26th March for my review of The Great Gatsby and I will also reveal next month’s book release!

But because I’m feeling nice, I’m going to get the excitement going a little head of time by providing a list of ‘hints’ for the next 6 months of books by their genre/theme.

April = Children’s Fiction

May = Sci-Fi

June = Historical Fiction

July = A book that has been adapted into a film

August = Fantasy

September = True Crime

Any guesses or suggestions you might have please comment below. I’m excited to hear from you!