The most surreal, never ending, insane night I have ever experienced. Even now I ask myself, what the hell happened? Well here goes my attempt at explaining it.

During my European adventures a few years ago, Budapest was top on my list of places I was eager to visit. The city that has inspired songs, art and poems that I love and so I wanted to know what the Budapest hype was all about.

The second night into our stay there we had familiarised ourselves with the club Instant after a pub crawl the night before. Instant is open till 6am and filled with the most bizarre decor that plays on your mind, especially when drunk. It is built up of many Alice in Wonderland maze-like rooms that kind of transport you into different dimensions with their obscurity. I highly recommend this club be on any Budapest goers agenda if that is your kind of scene.

Let me take it back, to the start of the second night. So we booked tickets to go to the famous Budapest Summer Spa Party, I had no idea this was a thing before my friend mentioned it but the description sounds delightful. Outdoor hot tubs, loud music, rapids and of course alcohol. We had a little pre-drink in our hostel since we’re students and we’re extremely cheap when it comes to buying drinks when out. So it was safe to say that when we left to get a taxi to the spa party we were already relatively drunk. Not knowing the address we googled it online, the taxi dropped us off and it was eerily quiet with a faint sound of music that we presumed was coming from deep within the spa in front of us.

But oddly, the doors were locked. We checked and we were definitely on time but there just seemed to be no way in. Drunk and determined we must have walked around that spa at least 10 to 15 times. We tried all sides, we asked everyone around, we had no idea why we could not get into this spa. We decided to go into the neighbouring building to see if they could explain to us how we were supposed to get in. When we approached the entrance someone rushed out to meet us. Through the confusion of the language barrier and our drunken minds, it was not clear exactly what they were hastily telling us. Until the final sentence that is, ‘This is a hospital, you must leave the premise’. Well, that was far from our intentions by a long shot to be drunkenly disturbing patients so we rushed away. We finally admitted we were in the wrong place after a solid hour and a half of walking around. We regoogled the specific date and year and found an entirely different address for the party so hopped back in a taxi with our last ray of hope that we may finally make it to the party tonight.

Opposite to Cinderella when the clock struck 12 we were finally ready to go to the ball and it couldn’t of come sooner. The next place was bright, booming, loud and most definitely a spa party. We rushed in, no queues cause we were already 2 hours late and we headed straight for the outdoor heated pools to get our money’s worth. Well, it was surreal inside, felt like an exclusive, sordid adult party. Everyone was in their swimming costumes so it was bodies on bodies all around and the pool wasn’t the only thing heating up. Awkwardly it did not dawn on us beforehand that an outdoor spa party would mostly resemble a giant orgy. There was a lot of movement going on under the water if you know what I mean. The place made me feel like I should go home and bleach my skin clean as a precaution. But we were there finally and we wanted to make the most of it, so we had a great swim, played in the rapids, made some friends that were from England and Australia and overall had a great few hours.

At 3am the spa party ended but we were not ready to call quits on the night. So accompanied by our new friends we headed to the already discussed club, Instant. The struggle to get a taxi at 3 am was surprisingly real, but after a while, we got there. Instant was buzzing as if it had only just opened. We drank a lot more, danced and again had a great night. At 6am when the club was about to close, I realised I had lost track of my friend, since I couldn’t see her around I figured she must have just gone out for air because we vowed we’d never leave a club without each other. Sure enough, she was there on the other side of the road, we waved and ran to each other as overly happy drunk friends do when they are reunited. But between us a fight broke out, honestly, I don’t recall much of what happened. But within minutes the police turned up and to resolve the brawl they pepper sprayed everyone. This including innocent people nearby involved, including one of our new friends and a nice Australia guy who was just trying to split up the fight up. I have no clue how myself and my friend dodged the pepper spray but somehow there we were survivors of the pepper spray aftermath and that was the beginning of a very weird morning for us.

We were running around drunk but with the best intentions to help those that were in serious pain after being pepper sprayed, I mean no lie that stuff looks horrendous and honestly I am so thankful I did not get hit. We were pouring water in peoples eyes and I know this sounds ridiculous but at the time and in our drunken state it honestly felt like the aftermath of a battle. We then were advised to use milk as it is much more effective at cooling the burn than water. Se didn’t have much money left on us and so we were going around asking if people could buy us a drink and when they said yes, what would you like? we were saying ‘milk please’ which they definitely didn’t expect to hear. By 8pm we were soaked in milk, and water mixed with the unspeakable after that spa party. To say we looked horrendous would be an understatement. We were sobering up at this point and after my friend aided her new bae back to health it was decided that heading back to the hostel to put an end to this insane night would be ideal.

One problem. We weren’t completely sure where it was. Well, there jumps in our last friend of the night. An English guy that had moved to Budapest and was more than happy to show us the way. So along we went, myself, my friend, a pepper-sprayed man who was the brightest shade of red and this new guy, who was very drugged up, wearing no t-shirt and just braces. Well, it was a good hour walk, and what a sight we must have been. I vividly remember the intense feelings of shame as we sobered up and watched families beginning their day and businesses opening their doors.

At this point, I was just in desperate need of lying down for a good 12 hours at this point. To make it worse I was also in desperate need of peeing but nowhere would let us in, oh how I missed England and 24/7 maccies at that point. Cafes that were just opening up for breakfast did not want the likes of us in their restrooms and I don’t blame them. But I could not hold it for the entire walk, so new friend, (who clearly was not in a sober frame of mind) told me that I could go pee in a car park we passed as he knew 100% for certain that there were no cameras there. I definitely had my doubts but hey nature calls and I had no choice. I peed and looked up to meet a camera looking right at me. Well, I bet that was a wonderful video, that will one day come back to haunt me.

And so yes, that was my crazy night in Budapest. What’s your most ridiculous travel story?