The winter season is here and to some, that means only one thing: skiing! Yes, this is not just a sport for the Winter Olympics, but one that even the average Joe can do and become obsessed with. Holidays abroad tend to always be associated with the summer heat but let’s not forget that the contrasting season also provides some perfect holiday weather – just for an entirely different kind of holiday.

You may think you are set in your ways as a sun holiday person but perhaps this list of reasons why skiing and snowboarding holidays are the best will have you thinking twice.

Winter wonderland

Ski resort towns are just adorable, they are the perfect winter scene. The trees are coated with the whitest of snow, the wooden homes are cute as hell and the twinkling lights in every range of colour imaginable, are absolutely everywhere. On top of that, there’s this wonderful atmosphere, with the street lights reflecting off the surrounding snow and the starry sky glistening above. Plus all the local pubs, cafes and shops have a really warm and welcoming presence because of their amazing wintery interior designs with big cozy chairs, thick rugs, and huge wooden panels – it’s all really adorable.

Active holiday

A ski holiday means a week or so of getting off your backside and spending it outdoors with spectacular mountain views and a constant adrenaline rush – what’s not to love? Skiing and snowboarding are extreme sports so there is a definite level of challenge to doing them. Once you get started you will soon find yourself getting addicted to improving your skill, especially as you aim to move up the colour chart of mountain difficulty to the almighty black slopes.

You will make an endless amount of memories on the slopes, the majority of them will probably be You’ve Been Framed! type of falls and stunt fails’ that will have you cracking up for hours and then still make you shed a few tears of laughter when you retell the stories months later.

Getting all snug in a cute little chalet

After a long and fulfilling day in the cold mountains, there is no feeling better than returning to the comforts of an adorable little chalet with its wooden frames and cozy warmth, making the outside’s freezing temperature feel miles away. Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to find a chalet on the mountainside – meaning epic views of the towering mountain heights that can take your breath away every morning.

A great thing about the winter weather is definitely the snug feeling that follows when you warm up on an evening all tucked up in blankets and with a hot drink, but now imagine doing that in an idyllic chalet. If you’re really lucky some places even offer an outdoor hot tub that is an absolute dream in the winter and a very deserving way to relax after a fun day of doing snow sports.

Quality bonding time

Winter holidays always seem to create the perfect bonding opportunity, whether you go with friends, family or your better half. It is such a wonderful experience and you’ll leave having created countless memories and feeling much closer to those who you shared this time with.

This is because winter is the season we all associate with spending quality time with the most important people in your life – and when you go on a winter holiday that is, even more, the case. Instead of watching TV or scrolling through Facebook, the evenings are filled with real face to face interaction, like card games, board games or hey maybe even drinking games. Either way, it’s a great way to bond!

Happy Travelling!

All images credited to Pixabay