You might be thinking that this is a pretty obvious concept but I wanted to expand on the common defining difference being these two breaks from reality than just the time frame of which you spend away.

Granted this is a prime indicator of whether to count your trip away a holiday or a travel adventure but here are some of the other factors that make it abundantly clear what kind of trip you are on. Because although we all love a good holiday, there really is some significant differences from a week long beach vacation drinking pina collada’s by the hotel pool and a two month adventure backpacking in the same four outfits whilst getting a few hours of kip on a night bus or even on the floor of an airport.


When you are trying to make your money stretch for as long as possible then there is just no way in hell you will be able to stay at some sparkling and posh hotel costing upwards of £60 a night. That can quite literally be the equivalent a full weeks worth of accommodation in most cheap backpacking hostels and that is no exaggeration.

When you are on holiday these fancy hotels are a great luxury which you want to invest in because, treat yo self! But when you are travelling and have to live on a budget for a set period of time then you will find yourself steering very clear of all things glamorous/expensive and instead finding comfort in the chilled out back alley hostels. Despite what films like the gory horror, Hostel, suggest, actually hostels aren’t all bad (and you probably won’t get murdered). In reality, many hostels have a great atmosphere, lots of good company, plenty of things to do and cheap drinks… which after all is a priority since its all about the budget.


If you are travelling especially for months at a time then you have to pack lightly simply because, everything you bring with you, you have to carry on your own back. At this point you also realise that nothing truly valuable belongs with you on your trip since the likelihood of it getting damaged or god forbid, stolen, is so much higher than on your average holiday. the joke I always make when I leave my belongings in a big dorm full of strangers is that yeah sure my stuff is in the open for them to rummage through and steal from if they so please. But unless they are looking for my week old laundry, worn out shoes and a used toothbrush then there is really no jackpot to be found. Sorry thieves, better luck next time.


Eating while travelling is nothing like being on an all inclusive holiday on a tropical beach where you want for nothing as there is a constant flow of delicious dishes. Instead when you are travelling and you are on that already mentioned tight budget, you have to hunt down the best offers and pray that the portion sizes are generous.

Most days you can easily find yourself skimming out on a meal with just a snack from the local market. That being said, the local markets are usually full of incredible fresh food and none of this is to say that you don’t get to indulge in some heavenly meals. Whilst travelling South East Asia some amazing authentic meals could be found for the value of £2 in some places.


When you are on holiday you will likely bump into several young couples, hundreds of friend groups and millions of families all taking a good old break from everyday life. No doubt, the friends you make whilst on holiday are lovely but the limited time frame and the fact you are on a pre-organised, stress free, no hassle vacation means the bonds you make are not even half as intense as the ones that can be created between you and your travel companions. When you travel you meet so many interesting and like minded individuals.

There is an automatic unspoken union between two travellers where you can instantly feel at ease to introduce yourself and get into a full blown conversation about your past adventures, and your future ambitions. These moments will really make you appreciate the goodness of humanity. It’s quite something when you can fully connect with a stranger from anywhere in the world just because you are both explorers of your shared planet and that’s all the common ground you could possibly need to have a flourishing friendship. 

Happy Travelling!