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TikTok Tortilla 

Trying out the TikTok Tortilla!


Chickpea, Lentil and Chilli Soup 

A delicious, easy soup full of superfoods that will do you and your immune system a world of good.


Poetry in Lockdown: Adapting ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ 

Wilfred Owen’s masterpiece, ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’, was written over 100 years ago now and although a lot has changed and we are not heading for world war, our society is still facing its fair share of trials and tribulations as we tackle a global problem together.


The Fear of Standing Still 

Our clown-leader (and that’s putting it nicely) has announced another lockdown. My beloved West Brom are being humiliated on a weekly basis, and I feel my twenties slipping through my fingers. In a world that has shut down, how do you keep on moving?


Review: Brooklyn Brew Shop ‘Beer Making Kit (BrewDog Punk IPA)’ 

I was first attracted to the Brooklyn Brew Shop because the branding was beautiful, and I often find that a lot of home brew kits are uninspiring in their way of branding. I bought this as a gift to my partner but it took us…


Black Forest Tart 

This Black Forest Tart will delight your taste buds, with a beautiful mix of rich dark chocolate and juicy berries.


Creamy Spinach Pasta 

Green in good!


Review: Sandy Leaf Farm’s ‘The Ultimate Gin Maker’s Kit’ 

I received the Sandy Leaf Farm’s ‘Ultimate Gin Maker’s Kit‘ as a 2019 Christmas present, approximately 11 months after Christmas – I’d like to blame Covid, but that actually wasn’t the cause for the delay. I thought the best gins to initially try and make…