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Don’t blame the weather, blame the man 

In this personal essay, Freya shares her lived experience and how everyday incidents of harassment and assault can leave scars.


TikTok Tortilla 

Trying out the TikTok Tortilla!


Chickpea, Lentil and Chilli Soup 

A delicious, easy soup full of superfoods that will do you and your immune system a world of good.


Poetry in Lockdown: Adapting ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ 

Wilfred Owen’s masterpiece, ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’, was written over 100 years ago now and although a lot has changed and we are not heading for world war, our society is still facing its fair share of trials and tribulations as we tackle a global problem together.


The Fear of Standing Still 

Our clown-leader (and that’s putting it nicely) has announced another lockdown. My beloved West Brom are being humiliated on a weekly basis, and I feel my twenties slipping through my fingers. In a world that has shut down, how do you keep on moving?


Review: Brooklyn Brew Shop ‘Beer Making Kit (BrewDog Punk IPA)’ 

I was first attracted to the Brooklyn Brew Shop because the branding was beautiful, and I often find that a lot of home brew kits are uninspiring in their way of branding. I bought this as a gift to my partner but it took us…


Black Forest Tart 

This Black Forest Tart will delight your taste buds, with a beautiful mix of rich dark chocolate and juicy berries.


Creamy Spinach Pasta 

Green in good!